"I was recommended to Dr. Morrison from a friend after they saw me endure a horrific dental experience with an inexperienced dentist. Upon the first treatment I had with Dr. Morrison, the difference between the two dentists was night and day. Dr Morrison is not only knowledgeable about dental health, but he has also invested in cutting edge technologies, which are apparent when you first sit down in the dental chair. But more importantly, he also has a calming demeanor and soothing atmosphere (80's music) that, if you're like me, reduces the anticipation of pain that I've been so accustomed to feeling with dentists prior to meeting Dr. Morrison. I sincerely can't recommend him enough." - Sean M.

"I've always dreaded going to the dentist's office, but that has changed greatly since I started going to Dr. Morrison. The office is a calm, soothing place with a massage chair right in the waiting room - I've gone early to appointments just to sit in it for awhile. Dr. Morrison's expertise makes me feel confident that I'm getting the best treatment available, and his terrific staff all work together well to create a great team. I've been so impressed with Dr. Morrison that I've already referred two people to his office!" - Elle S.

South End Dental Associates